Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hangover Fixes

Just woke up had a hell of a night last night. A hangover is natures way of telling you "hey dumbass, you drank too much last night!" good thing it's not a gym day. Today its hangover remedies:
  1. Sleep. Rest is your best friend at this point to give your body a recover. It is best to stay in bed so call in to work if you have to, tell them you have the stomach flu. You will sound so horrible on the phone they may believe you (unless they saw you at the bar, not a good idea then).
  2. Replenish your body with fruit juice and water.
  3. Avoid caffeine. A weak cup of coffee may be okay but a lot of caffeine will continue to dehydrate you, the opposite of what you want right now.
  4. Drink orange juice for Vitamin C.
  5. Drink a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade.
  6. Eat mineral rich food like pickles or canned fish.   
Just basically work on rehydrating and replenishing vitamins. I also love excedrin and aspirin to help alleviate the pounding in my brain.                           
You guys got any useful tips for dealing with a hangover?