Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obvious Dieting Information

You can improve your health a great deal by changing your eating patterns and the types of food that you eat. The EXTREME dieting stuff is for idiots, eating right is no big deal, it's relatively simple and painless...
   First of all, cut out fast food. It is terrible for you, very calorie-dense, high in saturated and trans fat, and should be avoided by pretty much everyone. Now an occasional burger probably won't hurt, but if they know your name at McD's or BK, cut it out or you will never accomplish your fitness goals.
  Also soft drinks should be cut out or at least drastically reduced. It is also calorie dense with no nutritional value, and there are multiple reasons we shouldn't be dumping simple sugars into our system. Diet soda should be avoided also. Stick to water, coffee, and tea. After a little while you won't even miss soda. Sweets should also be limited as they are full of sugar and calories.
   Tune in later to learn about some tasty foods that are good for you!

So what are your fitness goals for 2011?

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