Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ECA Stack for fat burning, diet, and weight loss

Here is some information broken down by Tuna, on ECA stack, which is a legal stack used by bodybuilders and weightlifters during a 'cut', in which they try to lose as much weight (fat) as possible without losing any muscle mass. It is great for seeing amazing results with a propper diet and workout routine.
Here were the recommended dosages to take 3 times per day (This was the ratio used in the scientific studies that went on to prove how effective the ECA Stack was). 1. Ephedrine 20 mg 2. Caffeine 200 mg 3. Aspirin 300 mg Ephedrine: Standard safety recommendations for ephedra were not to consume more than 90mg in a 24 hour period. The pseudoephedrine is great because it comes in 30 mg doses that let you easily control the amount you take.

Caffeine: Vivarin and most generics are perfect because they come in 200 mg doses. Aspirin: I tended to worry about people taking too much aspirin so I like to tell them to find the low dose aspirin that doctors recommend to their heart patients. This low dose aspirin is 81 mg You can also find the natural herbal form of aspirin called white willow that seemed to cause people fewer problems.

The basic recipe for creating the fat burners that used ephedrine is 20 mg of ephedrine plus 200 mg of caffeine for one serving. Most companies recommended 2 or 3 servings per day. To find pure ephedrine today is really very simple. You can find this stimulating chemical in products called bronchial dillators which are used by people everyday that have breathing problems or asthma. Some brand names for bronchial dillators are Primatene, Bronk-Aid and Vasopro. You can find these products in drug stores and even in grocery stores. You can also find the 200 mg of caffeine in brand names like Vivarin or No Doze also in drug stores.

This is great information for losing fat fast!


  1. one day ill get around to trying the eca stack...

  2. damn dude. ive been meaning to get into shape. maybe this will come in handy