Saturday, February 5, 2011

F*ed Up Story Time Today

So I got a ride in the back of a police car last night. Today I'm not posting about health or fitness or diet. Today I will share a helpful life lesson.
I went out to the bar to watch the Pens game and talk to girls. I was with my boy Paul. So we are pounding drinks and getting pretty hammered. The one girl I see, we'll call her Suzy, calls and wants to hang out after work. I am non-committal cause I really want to meet other girls, but I will take her if no one else is available. Me and paul decide to switch bars cause there are only landwhales at the first bar. At the new bar I am buying the drinks, I leave the change from a twenty on the bar and he steal half my money when I go to the bathroom! So now I'm pissed and I get into a fight with him, he leaves and I am stranded.
So now I call Suzy to come out cause now I need a ride. When she gets there she starts talking about a relationshit. I tell her again that no I will not date you exclusively. She storms out expecting me to chase her, there is no way I'm doing that, and my phone is now dead.
So now I start walking home (about 2 miles) and it is freezing cold outside (like 0 degrees and it's snowing). Now I am dressed well, I do not look like a vagrant or anything, and I'm in the suburbs. I put my thumb out for a few cars, and instead of giving me a ride some asshole calls the cops! Can you believe that? Freezing cold, snowing, 2 AM, and people will call the cops on you before giving you a ride! People are feakin dicks!!

Anyway now TWO cop cars fly up on me and tell me to FREEZE! like I just robbed a bank. I am shaking from the cold and wet from the snow and pretty drunk. They run my name and search me, ask me about my DUI and where I live now and stuff... You know the cops were actually really cool when I told them why I was walking. They even gave me a ride home! Anyway the lesson is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RIDE HOME before you break off any type of relationship. Also, people are dicks; but cops can be cool if you're cool to them.

Anyway have a good day everyone!


  1. im sure they did it for the lulz, sucks that theyd be pricks tho

    your friend,

  2. Damn, that would really piss me off. New follower.