Wednesday, February 16, 2011

men and women

So this is the start of a multi part series on the relationship between the sexes. nothing groundbreaking, but this is just the introduction, because I have a lot of friends that do not understand women.

Men base their attraction on physical features, despite what you may argue that you look for womans with a personality, you will look for physical features first. This stems from primal urges and mating with the female with the best physical attributes. Women on the other hand base attraction on non-physical features: things like power, trust, intellect, intrigue. The way into a woman's undenvear is through her mind.
Men assume that women do not want or do not enjoy sex. The truth is that men enjoy sex on a different level, they enjoy the dominance and the power (or in some cases lack of). For women the experience is the erotic imbalance of pain and pleasure at the same time. Need more proof of this: men have one type of orgasm whereas women have eight different types which are almost like a hitcher scale. Final word on this subject the penis has on average 4,000 nerve endings, compare this to the 8,000. 10,000 found in the clitoris: an gland whose sole purpose is pleasure.
Men assume there is one woman out there for every guy. Women do outlook for the "one" until they are around the age of 26. They will by all factors meet that guy before they are 26. So it is never too late to get out there because girls are always looking to meet guys.
The main reason for men not having a girlfriend or sexual partner is that they do not understand women. The main reason for not understanding women, is not being around enough of them. The main for that is well.., when was the last time you went outside and talked to a woman that wasn't a family relative or girl that sees you as a friend.


  1. >or a girl that sees you as a friend
    You lost me there D:

  2. yeah some people need to get over their fears and start talking to girls. i think people are afraid of rejection.

  3. lol girls are easy to figure out >.> just go and talk to one... girls dont like pussys, thats y they get with men.

    See what i did there? lol ya.. i went there...

  4. Never try to understand a woman.


  5. wow great info. very helpful. the sexes always have trouble understanding each other.